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Wild Bird Company Birding & Wildlife
Tips, Charts, and Resources

BAT'S PICKET BOX   A simple bat roosting box made out of inexpensive cedar fence pickets.

BIRD FOOD & FEEDER PREFERENCES   Various bird food and type of bird feeder preferences to help attract wild birds.

BIRD'S PICKET NEST BOX   A simple nesting box to accommodate birds that use either a chickadee or bluebird sized box.

BOULDER COUNTY RAPTOR ROUTE   A map of local Boulder County (Colorado) raptor routes.

COMMON BIRDS CHECKLIST   A checklist of popular birds by season, region and habitat.

FEEDER MAXIMS   Some tried-and-true tips for successful bird feeding.

HUMMINGBIRD BASICS   Advice on how to attract hummingbirds to your backyard.

PEACE KEEPER FLICKER BOX   Encourage Flickers to your "Peace Keeper" Flicker Box

SUET SCRUMPY   A recipe for "Suet Scrumpy" from the kitchen of Steve Frye.

SQUIRREL & RACOON PROOFING BASICS   Keep those critters at bay - Squirrel-proofing and Raccoon-proofing.

WILD BIRD RESOURCES, WEBSITES & LINKS   A collection of birding and wildlife organizations.